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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Actually, it was announced that Hasbro got the license to make toys for TREK 2013. I'm glad. Hasbro has proven much more commercially competent and successful than Playmates and others who have tackled the TREK action figure lines in the past...and with all due respect to some of those other companies, they weren't able to make most of their figures and dolls look like the actors and characters. Some of them quite frankly sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch and were kind of embarrassing.
Hasbro is good with poseability and making toys. They are just terrible in regards to actual distribution or actually releasing the product.
Can't argue with that. I've been collecting STAR WARS long enough to know that when Hasbro says a new wave of figures or vehicles is going to be on store shelves you need to add about, oh, one to three months to that estimation...and even then you'll be lucky if your local stores order more than a handful of cases.
Sometimes it's that your local stores will sit on a new shipment (or won't order one) until they sell what they've currently got in stock. They tend to make exceptions for stuff tied-in to upcoming movies because if the movie's a flop, they'll sell more before the film's released than afterward, IMO.

I also think you don't stand a chance if someone who works at the store is a toy collector, since they probably get the first crack at them and knows which sought-after figures to go after.
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