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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

What really irks me about figures like the Imperial Navy Commander are that they're supposed to be army builders collectors need to buy multiples of, but he's going to be released just once this entire year and is packed just one per case of twelve figures. That means unless your store puts out a whole bunch of cases' worth of this wave on their pegs and you're lucky enough to find all those Imperial Navy Commanders before anyone else then you're not going to be able to army build. It just makes no real sense. Characters like him should be at least two per case to ensure that people who want more than one of him will be able to get more than one of him.

OdoWanKenobi wrote:
Cooleddie, how is the Vader? Is it any kind of improvement over the Evolutions one? That's still the best Vader, imo. Though, I know that this one is ANH Vader, and the Evolutions one is ANH. I guess the better comparison is to the VOTC version, which was also ANH based.
The best A NEW HOPE Darth Vader ever made. Ball-jointed hips, baby. Ball-jointed hips. And they finally sculpted his hands to be able to securely grasp his lightsaber, got the color of his mask's eye lenses correct(in the original movie they were reddish-brown, not black like in all the other films where the Vader armor appears) and nailed his shoulder armor(in the first film they had fabric from his robes draped over them). A definite must-buy, man. Get him if you see him. He'll probably sell out fast.
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