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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy. Wasn't bad, but not very good either. Felt very phoned in in places. Storylines are completely abandoned for no discernible reason. (Lyssa Campbell's C-story from Book 1 is never mentioned again. Tare's rape issue all but disappears until the end of the book, making the whole Kaz calls her out on it seem decidedly dickish on his part). It's very clear that there was meant to be a direct continuation from Spirit Walk into another Golden-penned book with so many hanging threads. As well, I really don't get the point of making a big deal out of Voyager-vets vs. Dominion War vets only to have the entire story saved by Vouager-vets and Kaz who's sympathetic to them. Oh well. I will say, the book did get me longing for Voyager, which is a good thing. I'm itching to jump to Beyer novels, but have resolved to tackle the Trek-verse in order now that I'm on the cusp of starting to A Time To... novels.

Right now, I'm two stories in to Prophecy and Change, which I know I probably should have read in its published order before Unity but I couldn't wait! My plan of attack is to read the 6 Worlds of DS9 Novellas, 3 DS9/SCE X-Overs and Kira's Captain's Table story and alternate them with the 9 A Time To... Books.
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