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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

48 Piranha 3D (C+)

Piranha (3D): Stupid, but fun (intentionally so, on both counts). Like the original Piranha films, this is in many ways a cheap knock-off of Jaws, so it's appropriate it begins with a brief cameo from Richard Dreyfuss, more or less playing Hooper again. It's telling that many of the actors cast in the movie are known for playing comedy; happily, the film doesn't take this nonsense at all seriously. Still, it has plenty of truly awful CGI effects, and in 2D the gotcha 3D moments are even dumber than usual. The movie also falls a part a bit with the characters; even the ones who are supposed to be smart can be pretty dumb at times (the elaborate rescue scenario that closes the film makes little to no sense, even in light the film's tone).

There's a sequel coming, although I can't imagine it will have much ground to add that this hasn't already covered (besides the title, Piranha 3DD, which is as crass as it is fitting).

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