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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I'll move on from this once I've made a final few points...

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There is no question that he is being punished.
It's possible that he is being punished, but his level of punishment is hardly severe. Need I remind you that his losing streak lasted less than a month?

This seems to be the consensus with the dirt sheets as well.
Of which only one or two are reliable sources and many of the reports have been conflicting.

He is working where he is because they know they don't have very many alternatives and he can work the mic.
Nonsense, his mic skills are above average at best and have severely declined since his pairing with R Truth last year.

I actually preferred him when he was United States and Tag Team champion. I can't stand Miz's current style of wrestling, it's slow paced and boring and doesn't follow any kind of modern build. He uses the rear chinlock way too often and alternates between restholds or slow recovery moves that are just not believable coming from a guy of his stature. Then you have moves that look impressive, but take too long to execute such as his corner clothesline where he sits on the middle rope for an eternity following it's execution or his low angle DDT which takes longer for him to go for the pinfall than the actual execution of the move.
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