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I don't think it should have been inserted. One of the things I like about Season 1 (And don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the season but it's not as good as Seasons 2-4) is the mystery surrounding Sinclair and why the Minbari surrendered. To insert that line takes a little bit away from that mystery in episodes like And the Sky Full of Stars, doesn't it. Of course having known the series already, it's not much of a spoiler, but I'm just not sure it was wise to reveal everything right up front like that.
How can anyone who hasn't seen the Series yet, possibly remember those couple "made up" words spoken early in the Pilot, with no clue what the words mean, spoil something 3 1/2 years down the line in episodes? Nah, those words mean nothing, until you see it all played out 3 seasons later.
That's true. Maybe it's just my reaction that after watching the whole series and finally watching The Gathering again, the answers were right there from the start. Very sneaky of JMS to do that, even though I wonder how my reaction will be watching an episode like And the Sky full of Stars, which is an episode I remember really liking
And the Sky Full of Stars was the first episode I realized there was way more to the Series then meets the eye. I don't remember anything in it, that relates to that line though. I think it's not until War Without End you find out what those words mean. If it was in English, yea, it would be easy enough to remember, but, since it's in Minbari, not so much a problem, methinks
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