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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Love the set dressing in STARSHIP EXETER. Reminds me of the early TOS look, where the ship looked lived in with microtapes haphazardly strewn on the briefing room table. That's a detail I don't see much in fan films, where everything is neatly arraigned and the sets don't have much of a lived-in look.
They did indeed do great set decoration in this scene.

Doing much of the Phase II set decoration, I can tell you that the "lived-in look" cuts both ways and we need to be careful not to overuse it. If there is a relatively constant state of disheveled-ness employed to make the sets look believably lived in, when it comes time to show, for whatever reason, that things are really chaotic and hectic, you've got no place to go set decoration-wise. You can't leave crap lying around to convey chaos if lots of crap lying around is the normal state of affairs. In that case, crap lying around would look like just another day on the ship--if that's how the set decoration looks all the time. So, the sets need to be pretty neutral so you can move from there as needed. (Finding a good "neutral" is the art of doing this.)

At any rate, here's a "we're hectically trying to scramble around to get some answers" shot from "Kitumba:"

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