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Re: Did Janeway finish her Jane Austin Holonovel?

If one flattened a penis well enough, ironed it maybe, with a panini press or a waffle iron until it looked like a badminton racket... Could this newly articulated limb be used in the aid of swimming, similar to how a beaver impels through water by flapping?

Now for the real question.

Would these altered "men" be allowed to compete in the Olympics against nonaltered humans? And honestly, for this advantage to take any effect, these sportsmen would have to swim nude or crotchless, and lets face it, if ordinary Olympic level swimmers were allowed to swim naked, they would because it might shave a hundredth of a second off their fasted time which is the difference between gold and silver at their level.

Now for the real real question.

Arn't speedos just ridiculous?
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