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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

Me too.

Why else would it take me 7 and a half year to get around to watching the first season, despite knowing many friends who have the dvds and I downloaded the sucker in it's entirety about a year ago... In theory this bollocks is unavoidable.

I'm actually watching it now because when I handed over my vast Supernatural collection to my boy he totally Veruka Salted me.

"You ASSHOLE. They don't work! Download Supernatural again! NOW!"

(When i fell in love with Veruka, she was an older woman, but that is all locked away in yesterday like the rest of my childhood, but when you find a woman that knows what she wants, it saves a lot of time.)

So once replacements had been fabricated, I had to make sure there was sound and no skipping or I'd get "the bash" again.

9 hours later, I had 12 episodes under my belt

I hate Jenson because he was teacher who didn't think it was sleezy to date a student just because even though "Lana" was technically a child, she was (in his opinion) more mature them most people twice her age... Since that's exactly what all paedophiles say.

I hate Jared because he screwed over Rory and then ditched Hartford never to be seen agin just like that blond Punk who went to live in One Tree Hill. I mean 9 times out of 10 Rory needed a smack in the face to alert the girl that she's making the worst decisions possible but... Sometimes it really is men who wake the world worse than it has to be.

12 minutes till the new Game of Thrones is ready.

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