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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

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Well, I've got a link to one online Horror Host. I'll continue to search.
Hey thanks RJ. I quite liked the guy, if you haven't checked out his double feature then I suggest you do, it was really quite good. The first movie is a 15 minute version of Christine played for laughs and made for $500. It's really pretty good, some genuinely funny moments, and amateur but quite well made.

I'd take his claims that it is better than the original with a pinch of salt, but well worth 15 minutes of your time. I'm going to save the second one for later as it looks good too.

I've got Session 9 on DVD, it was a blind buy for 3, it was vaguely unsettling, and also confusing at times, but with a decent payoff. Watch it, but try not to pay for it...
So it goes.
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