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Re: Is Generations REALLY That Bad???

I love GENERATIONS. In fact, over the years it has become my favorite TREK film.

It's so unconventional and so against mainstream. It's epic in scope and never before and never after that again, did the cinematography look that awesome.
I love the score, I wish they could release a full version of it with unreleased cues like the holodeck scene, when Picard reads the message from Earth, the approach to Amargosa.

I like how they ended Kirk's legacy. It was not an overblown heroic death, and he did not die like people use to die in American movies: Winner pose heroes. In fact his last words mirror those of so many people I have seen dying. It made him human. I just with Picard had a similar death on screen.

The film's main theme: To let go, to cope with loss and change was well executed.

I loved the changes in design they made to the big E-D. Wish we had more time to explore the upgraded Enterprise a little more.

The stellar cartography scene is one of the best in all-Trek.

The film itself has proven to be timeless (unlike the earlier TOS films). It still looks fresh and new, as if it was filmed just last year.

I love it.
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