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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

On Greys Anatomy, when George loved Meredith so much that she thought, "if If he loves me that much maybe I'll get into him too during the sex and it'll all work out of the best... " Which is when she starts crying uncontrollably mid coitus and he slumps away into a shame spiral.

That's how I picture the end game of Neelix and Janeway hooking up.

I thought Tellek Rimor from Eye of the Needle was a good match, gods the actor who played him, Vaughn Armstrong was even in Endgame to ride off into the sunset with, but no, it was more important to Berman that he plugged the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience.

I've actually read lesbian fanfiction about Janeway and Amelia Earhart.

And I'm such there's much more on that subject out there.

but really?


Watch Deadlock a little closer.

The body language between Hogan and Janeway.

If the characters weren't fucking, then the actors probably were.
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