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Re: Did Janeway finish her Jane Austin Holonovel?

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Even women like a fixerupper.

Think of the challenge?

Pull him down and build up something hollow and callow who does what he's told.
I think that should read "only women like a fixerupper" as this seems to be a female foible for the most part.
You didn't get that I was comparing my entire gender to 40 year old cars, or broke down ramshackle houses? although. Men do like Human fixerupper. It's just that... We generally don't need to fixem up. we're good. If we can date a 5 that with some effort could be a nine, it's happy days, because we got a nine and no other nine is going to waltz in and steal her cause they'd never look at a 5 twice. I'm afraid of nines. 5's I can handle locked and strapped when they come after mine, but nines make me invisible.

Where was I?

Women like men like men like old cars which is what I meant bu "even".

I really wish Spock would have mentioned his marriage to Savvik in the new movie 3 years ago. her left her behind.

That's sad.
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