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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I haven't forgotten anything. Just because they've kept Mike around because he is a good talker and used him to promote the company doesn't change the fact that he has been wallowing around since he had the title stripped from him. There is no question that he is being punished. This seems to be the consensus with the dirt sheets as well. He is working where he is because they know they don't have very many alternatives and he can work the mic. I'm also aware that if he doesn't shape up soon with his antics behind the stage it will get worse for him. I have read that his and Truth's feud will start up again. I also see your points about Riley but disagree with them. I know we both won't budge on this subject so let's move on

This is what I like about these types of lists, they can generate very different and passionate opinions! It'll be interesting to see what others have on their lists.
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