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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

You have no idea how much I disagree with that, and it isn't just due to my Miz love either. A huge push? They have repacked him (lamely I might add) several times since the feud with Miz and he has done nothing, except get over a bit in NX and I wouldn't call that an accomplish.I know you don't like Miz or whatever Admiral M but can it not be Miz? No one in the company has fallen lower than him last year, he was like Sheamus. He's starting to win again but only just. Alex Riley would not even be considered a superstar by even the dumbest mark IMO. I know we aren't going to agree on this but surely there are others besides Riley?

EDIT: I apologize if I seem heated at all...that pick just totally flew me for a loop!

Here is mine, Note there is no mention of TNA! It is because I simply have given up on it.

Best Male Wrestler: CM Punk (Daniel Bryan would be my second choice)
Best Female Wrestler: Beth Phoenix
Best Face: CM Punk
Best Heel: Big Johnny!
Best Tag Team: None
Comeback of the Year: The Rock (followed by Sheamus)
Most Improved: Zack Ryder (Thanks Admiral M Lol)
Commentator of the Year: Jim Ross
Non-Wrestling Personality: The Muppets
Best Story Line: CM Punk threatening to leave WWE with WWE Title
Best Talker: CM Punk (The Miz being second)
Match of the Year: CM Punk Vs John Cena (c) Money in the Bank 2011
Event of the Year: Money in the Bank 2011 (followed by Survivor Series 2011)
Best Promotion: WWE
Biggest Missed Opportunity: The Conspiracy Angle (damn should have been the return of the new world order!)
Biggest Demotion: The Miz
Worst Wrestler: Kevin Nash
Worst Match: Kevin Nash Vs Triple H
Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic: Social Network Promotion (thanks for reminding me about this Admrial M )
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