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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

While the 80's toon holds nostalgia for me and I can't say that as an adult I've rewatched them all; I have however watched all 39 episodes of the '03-'05 series and that storytelling/updating is most impressive.

Normally I might wait for a trade on this but I'm likely to buy this He-Man off the stand in show of support. The fact Robinson is writing it enhances my interest to support it. Loved his Starman and JLA.

Also earlier today I finished my weeks new books

Swamp Thing #8 - good stuff, the first full issue with Alec as Swampy. The reveal of Abby's transformation is a bit disheartening but somehow I'm guessing their is a reset for her out of the Rot's grasp.

Animal Man #8 - I'm really losing interest. Only sticking around now cause it seems to not only be headed to a crossover with Swamp Thing but also Frank Agent of Shade. This book is on notice--it has four more issues, issues I feel will tie into the aforementioned books.
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