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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Three was just terrible. There's pretty much nothing redeemable about it. The biggest issues are the "emo Spidey" scenes, Venom was very, very, poorly done. The Saturday Night Fever Strut, the "musical" scene in the diner, fuck pretty much anytime the symbiont suit is making Peter act like a smug jackass instead of tormenting the very core of his soul.
You realize all this was Sony's fault. They and Arad forced Venom on Raimi. He had to make due with what he had. If it looks forced, uncertain and terrible it's cause his heart really wasn't into the character(imo).

The same Sony who didn't want Raimi to use Lizard, now allows Webb to do so.
The Sony who wanted to force Raimi to turn the Vulture into the Vultress for the sole rationale of having a female lead. Seeing a pattern here for where the bad ideas are coming from?
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