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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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Would there be books and 3-ring binders on those shelves?
Probably a few; but, most things are in the library computer;
so, few is the key word. Most of the shelf spaces will be for
test tubes and lab equipment of all sorts.

Wildstar, 3Dbuzz has a fairly largish investment in training material for Unity. Definitely on my radar

Latest update:

Finished more of the equipment for the HEL and completed modding the gangways aft.
I'm currently working up another batch of signage - specifically, the turbolift signs.
Not certain there is space for one on deck2 after the bridge deck flooring is placed in
scene; but, these will be needed moving forward; so, no time like the present. There
are other signs I intend to make as well for the labs.. basic warning signs primarily.
"if you're going to do X, notify security" sort of thing. lol

Still a lot to do where deck 2 is concerned; but, nearing completion finally. And getting
my creative wind back.
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