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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Wrath of the Titans 3D - free admission
Jiro Dreams of Sushi - free admission
The Raid: Redemption - free admission
The Incredible Hulk Returns - DVD
Titanic 3D - free admission
The Hunger Games - free admission
Mirror, Mirror - free admission
American Reunion - free admission
Justice League: Doom - DVD

Had a staff meetin' yesterday mornin' at the theater, wound up stayin' all day 'til my shift last night. Saw The Hunger Games with one of the cooks, and Mirror, Mirror on my own.

I liked THG - very cool movie, with an interestin' story and quite a bit of action. Not at all like Battle Royale, though both share the central theme of kids killin' kids in a fearful future.

Went to see it again today with a friend of mine, and it was still good the second time.

M,M was gawd awfully dumb. Julia Roberts looked good, of course, but she always does, she's Julia Roberts. But the movie was too tongue in cheek/meta for me, and the outdoors scenes were too painfully obvious stage sets.

Sadly, I'll be seein' it again tomorrow with another friend of mine.

Got into an evenin' show of AR after today's viewin' of THG. Pretty funny & consistent with the theatrical releases, if not the direct to DVD spinoffs.

Not sure if I'll see another movie later tonight or not...

- edit, to add -

Wound up nappin' for a couple of hours instead of goin' to a late night movie. Watched a DVD instead.

The latest from DC Animated was pretty good - I especially liked that they used previous voice cast for the major heroes, though a bit disappointed that Teen Titan talent didn't voice Cyborg. Ah, well...

I thought it was a bit short - only 77 minutes. Could have been a bit longer. Worth pickin' up on a sale price, which I did, but not a full $15 to $20 I've seen it priced at.
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