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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

I didn't mind Jennifer Lien's voice that much in American History X but her voice in Voyager was unbearable to me. The only other actress I would put into the same league of voices I couldn't stand would by Amanda Burton from the British forensic show, Silent Witness, so much so that I won't look at the first 8 years of that show (when AB was thr star).

I watch every single episode of Voyager and Kes was the major character I disliked the most, not just on Voyager, but on the whole of Trek.

However I was Trekked Out years ago and now I only visit a couple of the Trek forums occasionally when I am bored. Too many other programmes have come along since Trek ended for it to hold my interest much any more.

If I am in the Voyager forum it is usually either in a thread on Kes leaving the show or that Tuvix episode as I have strong opinions on both topics.
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