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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Of course Sony could listen to him, but Rami got really tired of their interference (and probably of listening to Arad all the time) and decided to leave. This stuff happens all the time, look at what happened between Favearu and Marvel Studios, practically the same thing.

I'm a fan of the original trilogy, especially the first two films, but even they have their flaws and are not perfect movies. People have pointed out their issues with them all through this thread and in the original Spider-Man 4 thread we had as well. I've read what was reported to be a treatment for 4 and it was horrible. I was already pretty hesitant about that film despite the casting it had. Sony decided to reboot because again, they have to keep on putting out films in order to retain the rights, they are very aware that Disney/Marvel is chomping at the bit to reacquire their flag ship character. They also know the fan demand is there as well to see what Marvel Studios could do with Spider-Man. I was at first totally against the notion of a reboot so soon, but eventually have changed my mind. Maybe I won't like the film after I see it, or maybe I will love it. I don't know. To this point though I've been impressed with what I have seen and heard and read from everyone involved. I'm at least willing to give it a chance.
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