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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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@Allyn Storm left because she's on Scott's Extinction team, that was her decision during Schism. You really should read it and ReGenesis. She left because the Avengers were planning an assault on her home and to extract a person she has fought to protect.
I am actually aware of where she came down in Schism and ReGenesis. Like I've said, I have to write often about the X-Men at work. Not so much about the Avengers.

The problem with that scene, however, is that Storm leaves before Captain America says what his plan in. He just mentions Phoenix, and she storms out. (Pun unintended.) After she's gone, then Captain America says that the Avengers are going to extract Hope from Utopia. (The pages don't quite work in the CBR preview. Storm is reacting on page 2 to what Cap says on page 3 with the way the two-page spread works.) So we have Cap saying, "Who here knows what the Phoenix is?" and then Storm buggers off.

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As I have mentioned before, this event deals with issues and plots that go back at least to when Bendis took over on Avengers and for the X-Men maybe back to Morrison's run since Schism and ReGenesis have touched on many creative runs. I would suggest reading those first because you won't really understand most of the stuff going on here.
I appreciate the advice, I really do. But I'm only planning on picking up AVX and AVX Versus. In a sane world, that should be sufficient.

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Marvel hasn't done a good job of making this event reader friendly for those who aren't familiar with the two teams. They're doing a rudimentary job of explaining things in like one dialogue box when really a fan needs to go back and catch up themselves if they haven't been reading. Just my advice.
One thing that would help, that comics have gotten away from, are the text boxes that refer readers back to old issues. "Captain America is talking about what happened in Pet Avengers #4!" That sort of thing. Comic books used to be hypertext-ish, in a way. They're not anymore.
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