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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

This sounds more like spit-balling to me than anything concrete but it's speculation based off some comments about Ant-Man and a Nick Fury film.

Ant-Man to first turn up in Captain America 2 perhaps? Then open as the May 16(untitled film?)

Since Captain America 2 is about Steve Rogers and SHIELD, and according to Edgar Wright, Ant-Man is about its title character playing a SHIELD spy, Cap 2 is the perfect place to introduce or cameo in Ant-Man since whatever it will have already been filmed. It may be a safer bet than going cosmic post-Avengers…

Another possibility is the less-discussed option of a SHIELD/Nick Fury film, something Samuel L. Jackson once name-dropped, and something Neal McDonough reiterated when he spoke about Cap 2 filming late this year...
Ant-Man likely would be better served being set up in either Cap 2 or a Fury film. It would take the edge off of the stigma the character has(in comic/film circles) cause the general audiences don't know anything about him to have a bias. Why Ant-Man sounds any sillier than Spider-Man, Bat Man or Iron Man has always had me scratching my head.
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