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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

I thought the first issue was average. It was a contrived fight, with bad characterizations. Scott comes across as a complete psycho and I hope he isn't being set up as the villain on this story. Cap is acting like Maria Hill, who's belligerence started Civil War when she tried to arrest Cap for violating a law THAT HADN'T BEEN PASSED YET! Logan's treason is not appreciated. Despite Marvel's best efforts, Logan is an X-Man first. He is not part of the establishment but that's what they're trying to do here.

It does look like they are ignoring large parts of the Phoenix backstory. To tell you the truth, that's fine with me. The last time the Phoenix was interesting was the Dark Phoenix Saga. When I read those books, to me it's Jean who was the Phoenix. Not an exact copy. Though having the Phoenix randomly destroy a world is a retcon to. The only world we ever saw it destroy as after she had been corrupted by Mastermind.

As for the Avengers preview, Cap is continuing his streak of bad advice. In Avengers 24.1, he tells Vision to forget his past like he did. Uh, Cap...Vision's only been gone for maybe two years in Marvel time. Due of the sliding timeline, you spent the rest of the 20th century on ice. It's NOT the same thing.

I've never been a fan of Ororo and the Panther (Storm has never need a relationship to define her) but T'Challa should have told Cap to mind his own fucking business. Ororo is his wife and his queen. Of course he's going to go after her.

Carol Danvers should be the voice of reason. I'm sure the writers of Marvel have forgetten this but she spent months with the team after she lost her powers and her memories.
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