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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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And from the "making a mountain out of a molehill category":

(You can just read the URL if you don't want to go to the site.)

Of course this will get some folks up in arms, but if you consider that Bond has never exclusively drunk martinis it's not a big deal for him to swag beer for once. I remember him drinking champagne, fine wine, saki, etc. And on a couple occasions in both film and literature he's been told to lay off the shaken-not-stirred soda pop anyway.

The franchise survived Bond graduating out of the PPK, I'm sure the world won't come to an end if 007 drinks a Heiny.

Also Heiniken has been a sponsor of James Bond as far back as "Tomorrow Never Dies"

Having Bond drink one is just one step further

Trailer attached to MIB 3 on May 25th
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