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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

hi there Lynx and thx ,

I am a complete trek fan of all the series, though Voyager is my favorite. I love all character interactions, and given the plot progression of entire voyager series, I can't imagine the scripts being much better. I think they nailed all of it perfect.

I enjoyed Kes's character a great deal because she was very logical, yet emotional about her past, and looked forward to her future with the crew. It was sad to see her go,but heck if she wasn't entirely happy doing it, then thats that. I truly felt she gave it her best on the way out, and left the opening for 7 to make a grandiose entry.

I know about teamwork, and just as the other shows in the trek universe, I was sad to see this one go too, but in the end no matter how much they all prob. enjoyed it, it was time to move on.

I wonder how they would have felt about more Seasons if the network had picked it up again, and do we actually know if it was pure ratings alone that left us with 7 seasons, albeit amazing ones ? )

I also wish somebody would make a 'real' trek universe as relates to gaming. I get the whole fps craze lately, but gez it was always way more than that to me, and Im sure most others as well; to boldly go where no one has gone before..its not just about phaser fire afterall ,,I want to meet alien cultures, and go exploring their worlds with them in peace, not exploitation or war ),,,


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Makes comments about no welcome mat offering...sulks and
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Miss Chicken has been here as long as I have. We have had some interesting debates during the years.

However, I haven't seen her post that much in the recent time so: Welcome back!
smarine, since you seem to be a Kes fan, you deserve a special welcome from Lynx.

Welcome to the forum!
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