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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

I now try to keep intersections restricted strictly to the faces and edges and/or components needed. But that doesn't solve my other speed problem. Now I have my model made and I just want to mirror it so I can add the two halves together and then add a few asymmetrical details, but all I get is the "spinning beach-ball of death." It's brutally slow and so annoying. I like using Sketchup, but this is quickly becoming unworkable. I've turned off all extras like shadows and edges and whatever else. I've purged unused elements. I've hidden what I don't need. I just want to copy and mirror the model so I can finish it off and render it, but it's just so goddamned slow. I've gone away for more than a half hour lunch and when I come back I still see the spinning beach-ball.

Is there nothing that can be done about this? When I check my Activity Monitor it looks like it's using nearly 100% of the CPU (assuming I'm reading it correctly). Is this even normal?

I have an older 1.42GHz eMac with Snow Leopard on it and 2GB RAM, but it isn't convenient for me to install Sketchup 8 onto that and transfer the files. Seems rather silly for me to have to consider going back to that from my current iMac with OSX Lion and 8GB RAM.

If I can't get this resolved a lot of time and work is going to go down the drain wasted. I'll have to try another modelling program and learn that from scratch and start all over again.

I'm not a happy camper at all right now. In fact I'm mad as hell.
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