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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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In AVENGERS the costumes look like in the earlier StarGate Seasons: Cheap, like from a costume shop. Just look at the Cap's costume and compare it to his stand-alone film... What the...
The sets look so fake. They look like sets for a low budget TV show.
The costumes are the same as from the prior films (with the obvious exception of Cap) -- the reason they, and the sets, look terrible is that the lighting is absolutely flat.

As for Cap's costume, it works outside of the helmet, which is God-awful, because it's like an inch of rubber, and the way it was built makes Evans look like he has a chubby babyface, when in actuality he has ridiculously prominent facial features. It works fine in the concept art:

But in execution, it's just ... ugh.

Evans has said that he wanted to keep and update the First Avenger costume for The Avengers, but Whedon insisted on going for the more comics-accurate look, which reinforces my primary concern about this movie -- from everything we've seen so far, it just feels like Whedon playing with action figures. I'm sure it'll be a serviceable two hours of fluff, but the payoff for five years of world-building should be a little more than two hours of fluff.
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