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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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I cannot believe how incredibly cheap this film looks...

I really enjoyed IRON MAN I and II and even HULK, did not like THOR and CA. But all of those had incredible production values. Great costumes, awesome setdesign and superb SFX (except for the finale of THOR and the whole CA film... those were terrible).

In AVENGERS the costumes look like in the earlier StarGate Seasons: Cheap, like from a costume shop. Just look at the Cap's costume and compare it to his stand-alone film... What the...
The sets look so fake. They look like sets for a low budget TV show.
And what happened with the SFX? Iron Man looks completely fake and CGI. His movement is over the top.
So, basically, "It's a FAAAKE!!!"

I'm gonna have to disagree, with the possible exception of Captain America's new costume not looking as cool as his WWII era costume. As for the sets and the SFX... I'm just not seeing it the way you're seeing it. It's not like this is Superman IV.
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