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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Kinda disappointed by the First Contact Day stuff. Mission was pretty boring (just run and talk to 5 people), and you get a non-combat pet. Not useful, and we have SO MANY of those sorts of things that the bank is overflowing. And in most cases, afraid to throw it out, because it was a special thing and you can't get it again.

Really need to have a bank expansion to admit that the number of special stuff we're supposed to be keeping has overwhelmed the slots if you've played since launch.

The KDF Alphas mission was fun, though. Liked that one!

Lot of effort into First Contact Day for a limited-time thing, though. Hopefully the maps and whatnot are planned for reuse shortly. Would hate to see the time wasted on short vanity stuff while missions and other rework, bugs etc go ignored...
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