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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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Looks like Storm has made her decision early, and Carol is the voice of reason in the room. Her assessment of Scott is correct. He isn't going to just let them extract Hope given all he has done to project her lol. I really can't stand Bendis right now. I'm not surprised he was named one of the writers given his status as an Architect and the fact that he has seeded how we have got to this point so far, but I'm becoming more and more annoyed with his work.
The problem wit Bendis are two-fold
-he lack an understanding of Marvel continuity, we have seen it multiple times (chaos magic, the back-story between Magneto and his kids, the Beyonder) and with something as continuity heavy as X-Men he butchers it as we see with his whole explanation of the Phoenix.
-his decompression has been taken to such a laughable extreme, AvsX isnt very far from what a parody of his decompression would read like

And secondly JRJR is probably the worst artist for this type of issue that places emphasis on conveying emotions and atmosphere. His strengths are more rooted in doing action scenes. It really just shows that Marvel rushed AvsX into production using JRJR in order to compete with DC since Perlmutter has been cutting corners all across Marvel's publishing side.

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