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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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1. The Kes character was in fact extremely hard to write for because in her personal interactions with other characters, the other characters all loved her and were instantly swayed by her marvelous wisdom and angelic goodness. In Resolutions, for instance, she instantly persuades Tuvok to turn back for the Captain and Chakotay. Jennifer Lien is so cute and that voice is so gorgeous
I guess I am alone in not being able to stand her voice. I spent the first 3 seasons of VOY during my maiden watch of the series wanting to slap her.
Her voice was the main reason I couldn't stand her. It irritated me so much, it was 1000 times worse than Keiko's whine. I din't want to slap her, I wanted to throttle her. The other reason i didn't like the character was because she was so sickly sweet.
I love her voice!

As for "sickly sweet", I have to disagree. She's nice and friendly, yes. But also very strong, willed and determined. I always found her a great contrast and complement to Janeway and Torres. She can win arguments and get her way by simply moving around the obstacle and attack it from another alngle.
Who'd let that cat in here?

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