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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

I had no idea about any of that, but then I've usually been rather too busy to 'dig' into the extra details, and just watch the show for it's incredible value. But knowing those things as outlined, might explain a few things for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed her chartacter, feel that if she had stayed , as you stated, that they could have explored her character traits amazingly well.

I'm normally never someone to critisize acting, but I felt some of Jen's acting in places was a tad either rushed, or simply again as stated, possibly not felt enough?

I didn't have all that many moments like that, but they were enough that I can see them wanting to replace her, but having said that, what she did while there I thought was enough to make Voyager better for it indeed.

I also think with the utmost certainty and emotion, that 7's addition to the show was a very smart move, for obvious reasons. Her acting was stunning and her entire character was so spot on, and the scripts absolutely genius.

I enjoyed all the series, but I think Voyager has managed to grab me even now, as I watch reruns fairly often, and lets face it everyone, the 'chemistry' between all the characters was amazing, no matter their salaries

New technologies afforded for the shows special effects etc., given its the last currently of the series notwithstanding, allowed everything to come together perfectly.

I hope the next one, if there is one will be just as good.

They were actors portraying characters, but still, given my love for space and wanting to ' go where no person has gone before' , when I watch this show its like hanging out with friends. I can't think of a better compliment

Thanks to all of them, and prior series as well for giving us all something to look forward to ,as our technology evolves, and we as a species grow into maturity.

Watching it as part of my dvd collection had me slightly missing the 'tv' show again and wishing I was on that ship with those amazing people exploring worlds together; so short of that, finding this list was as fulfilling as well.


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Right on both accounts, I believe. However, Sandoval still has a point. Jennifer wasn't in a top 50 of good looking folks, Garrett was. One might even argue if keeping an actor based on looks is in itself the opposite of being PC, despite Garrett being Asian, but I digress.
Sex appeal has always been a major factor in selling Trek to the public. Every show be they male or female has always had a sex symbol type character. Look on all the TV shows, how many ugly people are on TV? Even the old people are pretty.

As far as Kes, isn't there a recent interview with Jen Lien posted on this site that explains that her contact ran out and that she had talked to Berman about wanting leaving acting anyway? So it sounds like even if they killed off Harry Kim, Jen Lien didn't want to stay anyway. So they kept the guy that did.
Doesn't matter how much potential Kes the character had. If the actor isn't serious about the job anymore, then they aren't going to put their best into the role.
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