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Re: TOS: Cast No Shadow by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!)


I know I'm late to the party on this one, but Shazam! that was a damn fine read.

First of all, it's set post TOS-Movie Era (which is great) AND it includes elements of background on not only Valeris, but Elias Vaughn! and the begins of his SI career as well as first run-in with Section 31.

Sulu in the Excelsior is always a welcome sight.

And I'm eager/interested to maybe see Kaj again cross paths with Vaughn moving forward.

I'm still anticipating the full story of the Rise of the Anti-Section 31 cabal of which Vaughn is/was a member as well as the final story that leads to the "fall" of the organization.

That along with the Acendants arc has to be at the top of the waiting for pile now that Vanguard is wrapping up and Rise Like Lions is out.

Once Again, Kudos to James Swallow.

Damn fine book sir.

Any chance of every seeing T'Leris again?
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