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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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I think I see RCS thrusters to control pitch and yaw, but where are thrusters for roll? Is that controlled by the main engines? Can the yaw thrusters be angled to put Polaris into a spin around its roll axis?
There are four thrusters on either side of the vertical disc, two above and two below, that are visible in numerous renderings. Some of the thrusters, mainly the ones around the aft engine assemblies, can indeed be angled to a limited degree.

Polaris is supposed to be unusual in a number of design aspects, including the size and quantity of its maneuvering thrusters. Being essentially unarmored, it's first line of defense is its exceptional maneuverability. A pair of point-defense guns were retrofitted onto the tips of the forward pylons when Polaris joined the war effort (not to mention the modular sensor suites being entirely replaced with missile racks) which can take out incoming missiles in a pinch, but agility is key to the ship's survival in combat.
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