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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Libraries aren't the only source of books. Plenty of colleges out there.

I'm sure there'd still be plenty of cattle in the Midwest and the prairies. And if all else fails, buffalo are pretty good eating.
Which reminds me. Someone care to explain to me how a zombie that took the better part of an afternoon to pull its feet out of the mud managed to take down an adult cow?
Believe it or not in some rural parts of the South "cow tipping," is still a fun prank that teenagers like to take part in on farmers.

It's where a sleeping cow standing upright gets turned over.

If a teenager can tip over a sleeping cow I'd imagine that a crazed zombie would have no problems quickly devouring it.

Except thats just a myth, cows don't sleep standing up, and if they did, it would still be hard to push over a half ton of wieght.

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