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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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This move has to annoy Sony, who deliberately snatched the opening May weekend before Marvel (who, in recent years, have traditionally occupied that spot) could take it.
Possibly, it was bold to schedule a sequel to Amazing Spiderman that far in advance before the results of this reboot are in yet.

What that means in 2012 is there will be 3 Marvel characters with movies in a 6 weeks time frame. That has yet to happen that I can think of, 3 comic films, yes-- 3from the same parent company/universe in 6 weeks, no.

April 4 = Cap 2
May 3 = ASM 2(assuming all goes well)
May 16 = Marvel Untitled film (many think it'll be Dr.Strange)

From a comic film standpoint I also find it interesting that Warners has Wonder Woman as tentative for 2014. Despite not making any news about it even from a script or director search, anything.

Can't wait to see Avengers though so we can then have a faint idea of what Captain America 2 might be about!!!
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