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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Sons of Mogh (***)

I've got to start this review with the ending, don't I? It has a pretty good story, but then it ends in such a crazy, nonsensical way. Some might even call it offensive. It's a story that appears to have been a victim of overthinking things, of wanting to be unconventional and thought-provoking.

But enough about Mass Effect 3, let's talk about Sons of Mogh. (Those of you that saw this joke coming get a gold star. ) There are three ways the episode could have ended; Worf kills Kurn, Kurn sacrifices himself in a noble death, Kurn learns that there's more to life than the Klingon Empire and opens a jewellery store on the promenade. Okay, so those aren't the only three endings, but some variation on one of those three is what's expected. The problem is that the writers knew this and chose to come up with some other ending that we wouldn't see coming, and they came up with something pretty ridiculous. Why is it wrong to kill Kurn by stabbing him in the chest, but okay to kill him by erasing his identity? That's how I see it, it's murder in another form, and I don't see how Sisko, Bashir, or the others would be so willing to go along with it. In fact, I'm almost certain Bashir wouldn't considering the opinions about life that he expressed in Life Support. It's an unexpected random twist that doesn't make any sort of sense if you bother to scrutinise it, and I expect better from stories written by Ron Moore.

It's too bad because the rest of the episode was pretty good. Worf is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions in The Way of the Warrior, and eventually how far removed his is from true Klingons. We also get to see more of Kurn, and it's a pity that this ending makes it impossible for there to be more of him in the future. There's also a b-plot about the Klingons and their crazy mines, and it gives Kira an opportunity to blow things up, which is always a plus.

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