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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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Sounds appropriately big and bombastic, but sadly I don't detect any kind of memorable Avengers theme.

It's a shame that there are catchier and more memorable themes on any given episode of DW nowadays, and yet for some reason these huge, big budget superhero movies can't seem to come up with even ONE anymore.
Captain America has a good one that wasn't on it's release either.

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
1) what were you expecting...Avatar? Forbidden Planet? 2001? It's a comic-book superhero movie. There never was any intention of making "art"
Heh, yeah I'm having a hard time imagining how this movie could look any cooler. It looks fun, it's got lots of kickass action, and there's plenty of witty dialogue. What more were people really expecting from an Avengers movie?

Do you really think a gritty, serious, Dark Knight approach was gonna work for this movie? With these colorful characters??
Exactly. I was afraid that Thor and Captain America also would have that problem. The motto of the LA movies generally seems to be "pull it back", "make it 'realer' ". And audience reactions seemed to bear that out initially. The more "comic-booky" films didn't seem to be as well received (F4 and Green Lantern come to mind).

They pulled Thor way back BUT they left enough in to give it the scope it needed. Cap surprised me...I really expected that they would tone Hydra WAY down, but it really came off pretty much canon, "wacky Nazi science" and all.

And it worked. That surprised me.
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