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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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My point is that the scene didn't even need to play out. As soon as we saw her in the chair surrounded by bad guys, we already exatly what would happen, how it would happen, and we already know, before the action takes place, that we are going to just accept that she ill take them out despite the fact ScarJo probably couldnt bench press forty-five pounds.
And? Would you be happier if she were a female body builder with more muscles than Lou Ferrigno or Arnold back in their competition days? How about if she were a little 5-foot-nothing 60 year old Chinese man?

Raw strength isn't everything.

But that's only part of the point.I'm not going to worship the alter of Nolan, but, with Batman Begins he took material that was indeed familiar and at least made it seem fresh, depsuite the fact that it actually wasn't.
This looks very fresh to me. It's very different in style than EMH, for example.

But Avengers looks like a paper thin money grab, with no subtlety or craftsmanship.
Ok, two things here:

1) what were you expecting...Avatar? Forbidden Planet? 2001? It's a comic-book superhero movie. There never was any intention of making "art"

2) Accusing Joss Whedon of not displaying "craftsmanship" is a laughable notion. Joss is a very careful craftsman, esp at the script stage. The BW scene is classic Joss juxtaposition of one extreme (heavy action of Widow kicking butt) with another (Coleson waiting patiently while she does so).

And of course we can't overlook Joss' signature dialogue. The new clip and the previous ones have yielded 3 gems in particular that I am hopeful make the final edit: "We may not be able to protect the world, but you can be damn sure we're gonna avenge it!", the "I have an army..." "We have a Hulk." exchange, and now "Let's do a headcount: two master assassins, one super-soldier, and one demigod and you've managed to piss all of us off..."

That new one had me cheering, just in clip form.

Hey that can be ok, too. I'm a fan of the first Transformers film. But that was quite a few years ago, even the sense of fun that that film brought to the table has worn thin in films that have tried to replicate it in the intervening years.
See above. This ain't high art, and Joss isn't Ansel Adams. Nor does he try to be.
I am just offering an opposite point of view.
A point of view that makes little sense.

This film should be marginally entertaining.
This film is gonna rock!
Just accept the fact that there's no story, no drama, nothing in here that would turn a good science fiction film into a great one.
See above again.

It's summertime, and to the extent that I wnat to have fun, I'll enjoy it. I don't know, I just find it pointless to get all worked up about it. Same with TDKR. Looks like it will be just as overcooked as the last film.
Nolan...he's another story... Mr. "It's NOT a superhero movie" about bad directing choices...

Yes, IS a superhero movie...and there's nothing to be ashamed of about it.

Then again, none of the LA Batman movies have really done well by him. Give me the Timm-verse Batman over any of the others. The only decent thing the LA versions gave us was Nicholson's Joker.

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I've been looking forward to this since Iron Man came out, and I'm not even much of a comic book reader. I'm looking forward to seeing Whedon's take on the characters, despite the fact that being Whedon he can't resist at least one scene where a tiny woman beats the crap out of multiple muscular men as if they were made of feathers.
Something that happens a lot in comic books...coincidence?

JRS wrote: View Post
I still hope that we will see a Black Widow film in the future.

Maybe Joss Whedon could do that film also
I'd go see it in a heartbeat. I was really looking forward to seeing what he was going to do with Wonder Woman...until the moron suits at Universal pulled it...
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