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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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As I have attempted to explain (badly I guess) Scott's problem is that he has become so damn stubborn and one sided on his viewpoint that he has begun to ignore everyone, and I do mean everyone.
Oh, no, I got your point and even agree with it. I still think "borderline villain" is a stretch. Honestly, if Scott is a border-line villain, then how would you describe, say, the Punisher? Or even Wolverine at times? Iron Man during his "Armor Wars"? (Or even "Civil War") The tunnel-vision thing is indeed bad, but hardly villainous at this point. Obsessive, I grant you, but there has been no actual villainy yet.

And let's remember acouple of things that probably fuel his tunnel-vision-- for the most part in all this, he has been right. He was right that Hope was important and must be protected at all costs, despite the doubts of his peers. He was right that Hope's return would re-ignite the mutant race, albeit at a slower than prefered pace. And in X-Sanction, he has seen the future and what he believes to be the consequenses of failure.

I mean, it's pretty obvious that Scott's being set up for some kind of fall, I just object to the "villain" label.
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