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Re: Did Janeway finish her Jane Austin Holonovel?

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The holonovel that Janeway was participating in was a gothic novel along the lines of one of the Bronte sisters. They were written in the Victorian era and influenced by Romanticism. Jane Austen is a product of the Napoleonic and Georgian eras. It was much more austere. Though her books are still lively as Miss Lemon and teacake have stated. For the record I think Janeway would be a fan of both. Indeed the above article about Mulgrew in Italy shows her interest in both(all four) authors. I also feel that Jane Austen is more difficult to recreate faithfully, maybe why we only saw Janeway in a gothic holonovel.
Perhaps the dodgy Romantic novel - which Austen satirised - is more appropriate to Voyager, with its regular forays into bathos and melodrama.
Oh I agree there. Northanger Abbey was always my favorite Austen. Just the reactions of the Trek folk when confronted by the mores of centuries past in holo characters makes the whole thing more of a satire.

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