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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Pingfah wrote: View Post
Thanks RJ, that's very nice of you to say so.
You're welcome. I still have at least one of your MP3s around.

This Horror Host thing is something I wish we had more of over here, there's a general lack of late-night horror on free to view TV, especially the Universal Monster type of stuff.
A few of them are online. I'll dig up some links for you.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
Thanks for the kind words, guys. I mostly do cartoons these days; they're what I have the most fun drawing. One of these days I'll actually get around to putting a comic strip on the Web or something. I mostly do it for fun or to improve.
Yeah, do your webcomic. Or something for the Nook and Kindle. Or an old-fashioned paperback.

As for the lines looking like brush strokes, that's thanks to the excellent brush mechanics of Manga Studio. It's the only drawing software I've seen devoted strictly to comics. But because the brushes work so well, I'll use it for basic illustration stuff. I do all of the sketching and linework in that, then color it in Photoshop. (You can color just fine in Manga Studio, I'm just more familiar with doing it in PS.)
Hmm. I'll have to look at that site in depth. They also have some animation stuff. They apparently own Poser now, and Poser looks a lot more advanced than the last version I bought.

That's how I did this one last Friday the 13th. It was my first attempt using that method. I see the errors now, like the holes on his mask in the last panel and the lack of paint on the ground, but hey, I learned a lot while doing it. I might redraw it at some point with a less clunky punchline. "That's NOT how you make spaghetti," etc.)
"This is why we can't have nice things."

Good luck with the tablet, RJ. It takes a little time to get used to looking up at the screen while drawing, instead of your hand. After a few hours of practice, it gets a lot easier.
I'm going to have to wait for my new laptop to come. There's software that needs to be installed and the drive is broken on this computer.

I hope you do finally get Svengoolie on This TV. I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.
Now I'm not sure. The Wiki page implied that he would be on This-TV, but I don't see him on the schedule. Of course, he may be on a different night and time. I'll have to look further....
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