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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

I am Eno. I cure heartburn.


I am a professional musician/producer. Somewhat successful. Enough for me not to use social sites such as Facebook and Myspace. This is something of which I am proud, and grateful. I have been lucky to work with some very fine individuals.

I am not very good at posting on the internet. In conversation I am comfortable. Posting and emailing, not so much. However, I adore writing letters.

For all my life I have loved Star Trek. In fact I discovered this website while seeking information on a Trek character of whom I was ignorant. (i specialise in Ignorant)

After reading many posts I decided to join as an avenue to Trek discussion. The forum has inspired me to watch TNG from Farpoint through 'end. DS9 will follow.

I wish to thank everyone for having me.
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