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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

According to Tim Eldred the new (Desslok) Dessler's head and face are based on a real person. A Russian fan of Yamato named Anton Kholodov.

So the Japanese have now based one of their more famous villians on an actual foreigner.

I am really excited by this remake as everything seems to be in the correct places and the care being done with it puts most remakes and reimaginings to shame.

I will note that there has been one gender swap. The pilot Akira Yamamoto (known as "Hardy" in the Star Blazers dub) has been made into a woman. Oddly this should be fine since he was only in one episode in the 1974 run (the pilot that's plane was damaged and needed help getting back to the ship) and only got some characterization in the second series in 1978.
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