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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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^ Well said and I whole heartedly agree. It's all well and good about disagreeing and not liking something, but to carry it on all this time? It'd also be another thing if someone changed their mind as well...but that isn't the case at all. By now we all get Flying Spaghetti Monster's point. He isn't a Joss fan and doesn't like the approach to this movie. Point made. .
I think it's funniest he's looking for "freshness" in a movie using characters and storylines over 60 years old! Of COURSE we know what to expect. Is anyone surprised at how Black Widow was going to handle herself?
It's like showing a clip of Banner starting to get angry, and complaining that there was a time in the 70's that a character getting angry and turning into a large, hulking monster was fresh, but not here. We all know basically what we're getting into and we mostly seem to be loving what we're seeing so far.
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