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Re: NASA's budget: Help save space exploration!

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Didn't Elon Musk say that once the Falcon Heavy starts flying he could do a round trip to mars entirely with SpaceX tech for half a million dollars?

Of course, Musk says a lot of stuff and I'm pretty damned sure its impossible, but if they successfully dock a Dragon with the ISS, and then start putting people up in them, safely in the next 2 years then he'll have pipped NASA to the post for returning Americans to LEO, and if Falcon Heavy works fine then it's just a matter of time and money. If the rest of Space X performs as its intended too, the money shouldnt be a problem for them.

Source for the half a million figure:
No, your mangling several different things Musk said into one. If you read the article, He says it could come down to the $500k mark after about 10 years of Mars flights, which is entirely different from when Falcon Heavy first flies and depends on a lot of his hopes for reduced cost coming true (re-usability, high flight rate, heavy lift, low cost).

So far he has a medium lift rocket that has successfully launched 2 times in 2 years. A decent track record but far short of his goals. Hopefully this will be the year we see the flight rate improve.
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