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Re: Question about Netflix and gaming consoles.

I downloaded netflix today and booted it up, and was surprised to see I could still access it. Apparently I still had access since my roommate stuck it on my console. No, I'm not going to crib off his account, that would be pretty shitty of me. I did however put something on real quick to see how it played, and connection is bad enough that I can't make it through anything without it pausing to buffer couple of minutes.

Since I'm back living with the folks, the tv my 360 is hooked up to is the only one, and my connection is subpar at best (I'm in the basement, router is upstairs). Because of the layout of the basement and the upstairs, a hard-line connection is out of the question. Even after positioning my Xbox a bit higher up, my signal is still weak.

Sucks, but Netflix is something I can live without.
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