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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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The Black Widow kicks some serious ass in this clip.
God I love ScarJo! Great clip, my girl looks great!

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It would have been good if it was at all believable. Her pathetic head but to the guy behind her was the first sign that this scene would suck.

Actually, no it wasn't. This scene sucked because it is so badly cliche.

You obviously have no interest in this movie and only want to take every possible opportunity to knock it down. Why are you here?
about the scene itself, it seems that even before any dialogue happens - as soon as we see the wide shot of her in the chair - we know exactly what is going to happen in the scene. There was a time when this material (a woman who's tied in a chair but can kick ass and get free herself without worry) might have been surprising and fresh, but not here.

As for why I am here.. because the summer film season has big sfx, and science fiction films that should be fun and engaging.. but this summer in particular, there is not one single fresh idea at all. Iron Man 2 was just a commercial for this film, and this film can only collapse under the weight of all the stars and all the cliches.
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