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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

A few more random thoughts of mine on Storming Heaven:

I like how experimenting with Tkon crystals caused the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI that displaced Ceti Alpha V. Then Starfleet changed the star charts to cover it up. This made much more sense about why the Reliant crew had no clue that Khan was there.

I was glad that the info provided by the Apostate before he died was able to be relayed. After the end of Declassified, I was distraught that Quinn and Bridy’s final mission was all for naught. I remember thinking, “Great character development of Quinn but I just wasted a lot of time reading a plot thread that dead ends!”

When a Shedai gathering is detected, Theriault says, “I guess they got the band back together.” Loved the apparent Blues Brothers reference.

I’m not sure I like how the Constitution and Miranda class ships are referred to as warships. Yes Starfleet is a military organization for the most part but I never see Starfleet refer to their vessels as warships and rarely to themselves as soldiers. Also, have Starfleet ships been referred to as frigates either on screen or in literature before? Seems like I’ve only used this term used in battle-themed video games.
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